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15 Oil or Coolant Temp. Sensor Input Voltage Low 16 Coolant Level Sensor Input Voltage High 17 Throttle Valve Position Sensor Input Voltage High 18 Throttle Valve Position Sensor Input Voltage Low 21 TPS Input Voltage High 22 TPS Input Voltage Low 23 Fuel Temp. Sensor Input Voltage High 24 Fuel Temp. Sensor Input Voltage Low 25 No Active Codes ...
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INTAKE MANIFOLD AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR 130-9811. C967/BU R833/BR. P103 1552269. TOP VIEW. 1 2. SIGNAL COMMON. INTAKE MANIFOLD AIR TEMPERATURE SENSOR 130-9811. CIRCUITS WITHIN THIS AREA ARE RECOMMENDATIONS (NOTE B) Engine Control Module 1 2 INLET AIR SHUTOFF SOLENOID (NOTE V) Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor P100 Primary Engine Speed/Timing ... Время открывания форсунок. COOLANT TEMP, °C. -40÷+215. indicates that the ECM ignores feedback from the exhaust O2 sensor and relies on other major sensors to determine final injection Turns the air-fuel ratio sensor heater ON/OFF in accordance with the coolant temperature and the.The electrical panel on Peterbilt trucks is located in the front cab of the truck on the passenger or driver's side, depending on the truck model. It controls the truck's instrument cluster, including gas gauge, warning lights and the air pressure sensors. The panel includes a circuit breaker and fuses, and ...
CAT® COOLANTS Our complete line of Caterpillar coolant will meet the needs of your entire fleet of equipment. You will find Extended Life Coolants, Conventional Coolant/Antifreeze and Diesel Exhaust Fluid in this portfolio of products.

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coolant temp sensor: temperature above normal range: 110: 0: coolant temp sensor: temperature above protection limit: 110: 11: coolant temp sensor: EGR closed to reduce coolant temperature: 111: 3: coolant level sensor: voltage above normal or shorted high: 111: 4: coolant level sensor: voltage below normal or open circuit: 111: 1: coolant level sensor: level below normal range: 111: 1

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Where do you guys put your coolant temperature sensor? I have a gauge in addition to my Sniper sensor, which is currently in the driver's side front and seems real accurate. When I put my Sniper sensor in the driver's side rear manifold...

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For 2008-2015 Peterbilt 388 Coolant Level Sensor Dorman 79696DQ 2009 2012 2010 (Fits: Peterbilt) ... For Ford Kenworth Volvo Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor Dorman ...

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Nov 06, 2010 · 7. Intake temperature sensor 8. Fuel rail 9. Intake manifold pressure sensor 10. Fuel rail pressure relief valve 11. Fuel rail pressure sensor 12. EGR temperature sensor 13. EGR differential pressure sensor 14. Tone wheel 15. Vibration damper 16. Oil fill cap 17. Coolant temperature sensor 18. Coolant outlet 19. Alternator 20. Oil filter ...

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Same Day Worldwide Shipping. Order now KZ359001 Paccar Kenworth Peterbilt Coolant Level Sensor replacement from Advance Truck Parts. KZ359001 In Stock. Same day SHIPPING available from Advance Truck Parts USA.

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Same Day Worldwide Shipping. Order now KZ359001 Paccar Kenworth Peterbilt Coolant Level Sensor replacement from Advance Truck Parts. KZ359001 In Stock. Same day SHIPPING available from Advance Truck Parts USA.

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May 28, 2019 · The sensor works with the vehicle’s ECU, continually monitoring the coolant temperature to make sure the engine is running at the optimum temperature. To get an accurate reading of the current engine temperature, the ECU sends a regulated voltage to the CTS.

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Has your automotive's Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor / Switch failed? Then shop at 1A Auto for a high quality Coolant Temperature Sending Unit replacement for your car, truck, SUV or van, at a great price. 1A Auto has a large selection of Engine Coolant Temperature Senders for many makes and models, and ground shipping is always free!

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Jan 26, 2017 · The sensor works by measuring the temperature that’s being given off by the thermostat and/or the coolant itself. The temperature is then sent to the on-board control system. From there, your vehicle’s computer will use this temperature information to either continue operating or adjust certain engine functions, always working to keep the engine temperature at an ideal level.

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Apr 20, 2020 · The engine coolant temperature sensor reads the temperature of the coolant in one or more of these passages, and relays that information to the vehicle computer. The computer will send another signal to the engine temperature gauge, and alert the driver if the temperature exceeds the specified range for that vehicle.

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coolant temperature sensor location. Thread starter Yz2K130. well 250 later the coolant temp sensor is ready and well -- im not running hot -- BUT -- now im almost at the 120k mark -- timing belt and apparently *which comes for a 95 dollar fee* 1 of my glow plugs are bad -- yeahhh -- geez anyone...

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Dec 19, 2011 · Too make a long story short, I have been having some trouble with my coolant lever sensor. It was reading low when the expansion tank was full. Here is what I have done: 1. Replaced the sensor. Didn't fix it. 2. Replaced the electrical connectors that go to the sensor. Didn't fix it.

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I ended up installing an electric temp gauge kit from auto part store. My Satoh 373d with K3E engine has a 16mm X 1.5 pitch thread on the factory temp. switch ( open till hot the goes to ground "closed" ).

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